Photography is  Everyday ART

Walk the Streets with me

Getting creative with photoshoots has gradually becomes more difficult due to the pandemic and the inability to travel outdoor, therefore, I have try to make use of as things, which includes objects and location.

Who says that a photoshoot needs to have specific locations and well thought out plans? The best ones are actually the most unexpected with the least amount of efforts.

The sunny day walk in Bangkok where the streets are glazed with sunlight, which makes amazing shadow when edited into black and white. To avoid the busy crowd on the weekends, I mostly choose weekdays as my days for photo-shoot, and today is one of those days. In today's theme, I wanted to capture the beauty of the streets, whether...

In this area known as 'Talad Noi', is a this 40 year-old-house that was originally used to store car and boat engine parts. Until the end of 2019 when Ms. Pim transformed the upper floor into her own coffee shop. This turned the old workspace into Mother Roaster, one of the funkiest coffee shop in Talad Noi.

My birth land


Welcome to sunny Thailand. The land full of long beaches, green hills, stunning wilderness and amazing food throughout the country. The land which I'm happy to call my home.

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